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Another jam, another game!!... This is "SLIDEREMMA" for Cyberpunk jam 2014... it's a "endless runner", but you are falling instead.

The protagonist, Emma, has to slide down from platform to platform and dodge electricity panels, while destroying oppresive police robots.

You have to destroy police robots to earn points.

While jumping, press DOWN arrow to shoot, and destroy obstacles (like broken floor) or destroy police robots.

Jump with UP arrow... this jump is "different", you have to "charge" for making different heights, if you have to jump a little, just "tap" UP (your shadow will get green).. for an intermediate jump, press a little longer, until your shadow gets yellow.. and for the maximun height jump, press more, until yout shadow gets red.

For last sec adjustments, shoot de laser gun for a little impulse.


CODE: Nicolas Recabarren

ART: Adan Gabiola

Gonzalo Rodrigo Ortiz

MUSIC and SFX: Tomas Batista


Game made in six days.. expect weird stuff..